TRAY ICONS (Vista/XP Virtual Desktop)

Topics: Idea Requests
Jan 11, 2008 at 11:52 AM
I very much like this program, which is very elegant and efficient (both very difficult to find, among Virtual Desktops).

I would like to suggest the following (I decided to register for these suggestions), to improve it:

1) The program would be much more elegant, if the icons (at least, the numbers for the desktops) were located in the taskbar, on their own, to the left in the taskbar, and not in the system tray (i.e. besides the icons of other programs, it is not elegant), *Even Linux has the virtual dektops, located more to the left.

- The right solution, is something like the MS VirtualDesktop Powertoy (very nice, but less functional than this one).

2) The user should have the option to customize his own icons, to his own taste, much like another virtual desktop manager, Virtuawin:

- I know it is possible to change the main icon (which I personally don't like), I will change it, to make it resemble the VMWare Icon (3 overlapping squares, which I very much like).

Congratulations to the developpers for their efforts, creating a very nice and useful program.

Happy New Year 2008 to all.