How about persistent thumbnail switcher in corner of window?

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Mar 27, 2011 at 7:44 PM

After using Finestra for a couple of days, I think that if the bugs I've seen are dealt with, or I can work around them, it will be almost as good as Semik's Desktop,which I've used on every version of Windows from Win98 to XP (I never used Vista).  Windows Seven is the first version I've used where Semik's Desktop doesn't work anymore (the author stopped working on it 11 years ago).  Alas.

One feature of Semik's Desktop that I really liked was something called a "panner" (The Finestra "Switcher" is the closest analogy) which is a "scale model" of the desktops and windows in the desktops.  It would be about 1.5 inches square (if you configured your workspaces in a square arrangement) and would permanently dock in the corner of the screen that you specified. In the panner, you would see thumbnail versions of all the windows, in their relative location in each desktop. I could drag the thumbnail from within the panner, and it would move the window. I could easily move windows between desktops this way.

If I couldn't recognize a window by its thumbnail (it displayed a thumbnail version of the windows icon on the thumbnail), I could right-click on one of the thumbnail desktops and select a menu option to move windows to that desktop, and it would list the windows by their window title.  About the only feature this didn't have, which I would have appreciated, would have been the ability to select a bunch of particular windows and move them en masse to another desktop (sometimes I end up having to move a bunch of Instant Messenger windows to another desktop, for instance).