stack order, mouse wheel, speed

Topics: Problems
Apr 25, 2008 at 6:16 PM
Hi, this app has a lot of promise, but it's missing a few critical features.

Most importantly, it does not guarantee the window or taskbar order on changing desktops. When I change back to a desktop, I need to find everything exactly where I left it. If I have to waste time looking for a window, I might as well keep everything on one desktop.

I need to be able to change desktops with the mouse wheel. The mouse wheel is too addicting, nothing else compares to the ease of scrolling through desktops with the mouse wheel.

The desktop switch needs to be instantaneous. On linux, I can switch desktops faster than the screen can redraw itself. I'd like to see that kind of responsiveness here.

Thanks for your work on this program, I look forward to trying future versions of it.