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Desktop shuffling and disappearing windows


I'm using Finestra 2.5.4501.1476 on Windows XP Pro. I've got configured 6 virtual desktops on a 3x2 array over two monitors, each of the desktops with a different background. Many times I need to cycle through the desktops which typically host a fair number of windows.
In general everything works well and Finestra provides nice visuals that I love and the desired level of configurability.
However, I notice that when the computer is busy, changing desktops can be risky. Sometimes desktop switching just lags behind and it recovers eventually, sometimes you simply lost all your windows in one or more desktops. As a summary, some of the effects that I observe are:
  • Windows can be reordered (The order in which they appear in Windows XP Taskbar is different from the last time you visited the desktop).
  • Windows can be placed outside of the viewport. This seems to be that the window entry animation fails or it is stopped half-way and the windows are left with a position outside of the monitor.
  • Windows can simply disappear... Fortunately there's the recover window tool... but it is still a pain.
  • Desktop backgrounds are continuously being reshuffled. I can start with 6 different images... then there will be a glitch and one desktop will fail to change to its image... eventually all desktops show the same image.
  • Perhaps unrelated, but I've observed that after a while I'm left all over the desktop with what seems to be shadow of previously shown tooltips.
    Not sure if you need any sort of log/traces or additional detail.
    Thanks for this great tool and best regards


Plop wrote Dec 1, 2012 at 4:34 PM

Please work on solving this bug.
I notice all the time that windows disappear completely out of the screen - can't find them on any desktop. And that's really really risky when I'm working and haven't saved.

wrote Feb 22, 2013 at 1:00 AM