Some program windows not set to sticky are stuck on all desktops

Topics: Problems
Feb 8, 2008 at 5:39 PM
First and foremost I have just started using the program and think it is one of the best that I have used for windows thus far. Great job clean, fast, responsive ext..

Anyhow I use Adobe software(CS3) and the panel windows in photoshop, flash ... all stay on all desktops but the main program window will stay on the desktop of choice. Also there are a few other programs such as e-texteditor that gets stuck on "sticky" mode even when it is not set to sticky. I assume it is the window class type not getting caught by your code?

I have used a virtual desktop program before that would give you options to make rules about programs and window types. You would click a button then drag a target to the window then release and it would remember the window class and name so you can make special rules about it. They were able to solve this issue this way, making a rule for any trouble program windows. I would prefer not having to do this but would most like be able to keep the programs on the desktop I would like them to stay.

If at all possible please find a way to let users like me keep all the windows related to one program on the same desktop.

Thanks and love the work!