Why does Finestra Options dialog sometimes show in "N+1"st desktop?

Mar 27, 2011 at 7:17 PM

Sometimes when I select the "Options" menu for Finestra, I don't see the dialog appear.  When I mouse over the Finestra icon in the status bar, it shows the four desktops that I have configured, along with an additional desktop that appears to only have the Finestra options dialog.  I can select that desktop, and the options dialog appears.  Other times (usually when I'm trying to make this bug happen :) ), the dialog appears in my current desktop.

Mar 28, 2011 at 4:49 PM

It's not showing in another desktop, it just opened behind your other windows and the taskbar is showing it along with your virtual desktops. That's why when you select it from the taskbar, your other windows don't disappear.

Mar 29, 2011 at 1:21 AM

Just so it's clear what's happening here:

I currently have 9 desktops.  I'm in one desktop that has my web browser opened, and it fills most of the screen. When I hover over the Finestra icon in the status bar, it shows the 9 desktops.

I then right-click on it and select Options.  Nothing appears.

I then hover over the Finestra icon again, and it shows the 9 desktops, along with an additional "Options" desktop.

I then click on that "Options" desktop, and it causes the Options dialog to appear on top of my browser.  I then dismissed the Options dialog.

I then hovered over the Finestra icon again, right-clicked, and selected "Options" again.  This time the Options dialog appeared over my browser, and did not create a tenth desktop.


So are you saying that any time an application manages to create a dialog that is not "brought to front", a separate desktop will be created with that dialog?


The other question would be: why is Finestra failing to bring the Options dialog to the front?

Mar 29, 2011 at 9:25 PM

A separate desktop is never created. What you are seeing is just the taskbar showing you both all of your virtual desktop and all Finestra windows (which appear on all desktops). The fact that the options dialog opens behind other windows is a bug that I will fix though. The reason it happens right now is that Windows is very careful not to let applications steal focus from the user's current application. It's supposed to be a benefit to the users, and it does solve problems we had back in the Windows 95 days where other applications opening new windows would cause your workflow to be interrupted. However, it means that I have to do a bit of extra work to get around it, so it will be fixed in the next version.