Moving virtual desktop between monitors

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Oct 6, 2009 at 10:57 AM


I haven't used VDM a very long time, but I'm still wondering about the possibility to move a virtual desktop between monitors.

Let me build a scenario: I want to have three different desktop, and the ability to move these freely between my monitors. Desktop 1: Could contain email and msn programs. Desktop 2: Could contain development tools. Desktop 3: Could hold monitoring software of an production environment.  If my work focus would be on monitoring, as part of a help desk team, I would like for Monitor 1 to show Desktop 1 (email), and Monitor 2 to show Desktop 3 (monitor).   Later on I want to shift focus to development, and then I would like for Monitor 1 to show Desktop 2 (development), and Monitor 2 to show Desktop 1 (email).

Is this kind of configuration/use possible with Vista/XP Virtual Desktop manager, and if so how?  If not possible, do you know of any product capable of handling such a scheme?

Another possible extension, could be the need to gather all Desktops on Monitor 1, as the current setup at our firm allows for Remote Desktop Connection, but this requires that all windows are present on Monitor 1...

Hope you are able to help.

Even Holen