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Project Description
A virtual desktop manager made for Windows Vista and 7 using the new thumbnail APIs to create a live preview of all of your desktops. It also supports Windows XP. Organize all of your open windows with a full screen interactive virtual desktop preview.

Vista provides developers with the new DWM based aero interface. A new set of thumbnail API's can be used to access some of this new technology. This virtual desktop program takes advantage of this new API and uses some tricks of its own to provide a powerful virtual desktop manager with a full screen thumbnail based preview. You can have as many desktops as you want and can seamlessly switch between them.

Vista Virtual Desktops is managed by Z-Systems. The Z-Systems website also has a Vista Virtual Desktop page.

Current Release - 0.1
The first release, 0.1, is marked as an alpha version. It has still not had much testing outside of the development environment. Feel free to download it and test it out for yourself. If you notice any bugs, please post them on the issure tracker section of this site.

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